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Whitney Houston


In 1989, Whitney formed her first foundation, The Whitney Houston Foundation for Children. During its operation The WHFC helped homeless children, build inner city parks & playgrounds and provided college scholarships. She also supported many other charities including childhood diabetes, The Rain Forest Foundation, Hale House, Special Olympics, United Negro College Fund and St. Jude Children Research to name a few.

In 1997 as a result of her charitable work, her childhood elementary school was renamed “The Whitney E. Houston Academy for Performing & Creative Arts.

Whitney continued her charitable work with the Marion P Foundation taking interest in the Teen Summit initiative . This program was formed to Rebuild, Repair & Restore underserved youth.

In 2020 the Whitney E Houston legacy foundation was formed as a continuation of her journey to Rebuild lives, Restore self-esteem and Repair images through grassroots programs and initiatives for the Youth. Reciprocating back into the community generously what’s needed for one to progress in their chosen field of interest.